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15 August 2018
Thursday, 06th October 2011
Steve Jobs 1955-2011
A visionary, creative genius and superstar
Although it was something that many of us expected, it was still very sad news to hear that Steve Jobs, former CEO and founder of Apple has died today. 

Sadly the first thought of some will be – what will now happen to the Apple share price? 

For me I had the same sinking feeling that followed the death of Elvis Presley and John Lennon. Steve Jobs too entertained and affected the lives of millions of people. He was also an iconic figure and a real superstar. 

It makes me sad to think that this innovative, creative genuius will no longer be around, making things difficult, challenging, searching for perfection, continuously raising the bar and helping create things none of us knew we even needed and making them indespensible. 

I’ve always admired people and organisations who have dared to be different who really know what innovation means – who lead and others have to scramble to catch up. 

The lacklustre launch presentation by Tim Cook of the iPhone 4S on Tuesday, already demonstrated how much Steve Jobs is missed, though it must have been incredibly difficult for Cook to step into such big shoes, knowing that the end of his old boss was so near. Tim Cook apparently shares many of Steve Jobs’ qualities, whether he is also the visionary we’ll need to wait to find out.