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15 August 2018
Thursday, 03rd November 2011
It's not just about fireworks and bonfires!
When I was a boy I loved Bonfire Night. 

I loved the fireworks and I loved the meat and potato pie with the suet crust and the pickled red cabbage my Dad always made for tea. Afterwards we’d head out into the cold, noisy, smokey night and make our way to the local bonfire. 

My Dad ran a small sweet wholesalers and as well as my fireworks in a biscuit tin, he would bring a large jar of bonfire toffee that he’d hand out to the local kids. 

This year, friends of Diffference (and my Dad) have been sent a special treat – Diffference Bonfire Tofffee.

Talking about bonfires – whilst visiting friends recently in Ripley, Surrey, I saw half-completed, a serious bonfire – not a few pieces of discarded furniture, but a construction the size of a detached house and skilfully built from wooden palettes. However don’t rush over there on November 5th as they always celebrate Bonfire night on the last Saturday in October. Click on the thumbnails above to see the before and after photos.

Wishing everyone a safe November 5th.