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15 August 2018
Thursday, 10th February 2011
Who is Gary Hoppty?
When I started to raise money to run in marathons, I created Gary Hoppty to help
Asking friends and family to sponsor you to run a marathon, isn't too difficult... the first time. The second is harder and if like me you become addicted to running 26.2 miles for good causes it becomes virtually impossible. 

However I discovered a new way. Many of my friends needed good design but couldn't afford Agency fees. I created a pseudonym – Gary Hoppty (anagram of typography) – a brilliant young designer, who works pro-bono as long as he has total creative freedom! I agree a fee with Hoppty's clients before work begins, which is less than the project would normally cost, which raises money for sponsorship. I've run nine marathons since my first in 1999 and Hopty's helped me to raise thousands of pounds.

I've become very fond of Gary Hoppty and he's became my alter-ego designer friend.

Saturday, 12th February 2011
When one day runs into another
For 3 months I wore the same T Shirt every day!
When you have to carry everything on your back around the world, then you need to travel light. I bought seven Rohan quick-dry T shirts and screen-printed my 'when one day runs into another' design. Now it's a pretty common idea you see on socks and underwear. Back in 2001 I'd like to think it was original.

Thursday, 10th February 2011
Hoppty Font
Hoppty's take on Eric's classic typeface
As a typographer, Gary Hoppty has always been a fan of the classic fonts, his favourite being Gill Sans. He designed Hoppty Light as a 21st Century homage to Eric Gill.