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15 August 2018
Sunday, 31st July 2011
Better late than never
A sign high on the wall of the School of Visual Arts in New York says exactly what I'm feeling right now
I've a day and a half before I start the Milton Glaser Summer Progam on Monday. I've just booked into my hotel – Marcel at Gramercy on East 24th Street. On the internet it promised a lot but it's disappointing. It's trying to be a trendy boutique hotel and not quite pulling it off. 

My room is missing the most basic things – a fridge, a socket by the small table/desk in which I can plug my MacAir. Basic stuff. After a long flight I'm tired, but tomorrow I'll be looking for a room upgrade.

The good thing about the Marcel is that it's only one block away from the School of Visual Arts and the first thing I did when I arrived was to check it out. It's Saturday so it was closed, but I peered through the windows. It's not a big place. I like that. But what is big is the huge statement created from brickwork on the side of the building facing 3rd Avenue. 

When I saw it I knew I was coming to the right place. It was only my third day on my own after leaving the business that I'd co-founded in 1983. Here I was nearly 58 years old, excited about getting to where I wanted to go and this was the start.

Friday, 22nd July 2011
300 things that have influenced me creatively
Next week I'm flying off to New York to spend a week with Milton Glaser on his Summer Program at the School of Visual Arts. Last month I received a letter from the man himself briefing me on two assignments that need completing before I go.

Here is the first brief:

On a 15" x 20" board, using it vertically or horizontally, make a chart, diagram or composition that indicates as much as you can analyze the major artistic influences in terms of personalities, events, experiences, or studies that have profoundly affected the way you work. Include characteristic methods of working, obsessions, materials (watercolor, inks, collage etc.), recurring themes and forms...

I decided to split the space into 1" squares – each square representing a small part of what has influenced and inspired me, as far back as my memory goes. I've got a lot of minor as well as major influences in there, but it all adds up to who I am. I'm considering creating an online interactive version which could be fun.

Thursday, 21st July 2011
Old face back in fashion
A typeface I designed 36 years ago still looking good!
As a fresh-faced 21 year old, just beginning my Masters degree at the Royal College of Art, I received a telegram. 

Before email and mobile phones the quickest way to get in touch was by this method. Mad Men fans – you may remember the episode when they were pitching for Pacific Union. Don Draper came up with the classic line – 

"You can't frame a telephone call."

The other day tidying up my life, I found an old sketch book from 1975 and there I found the telegram (see above) and a press clipping. I'd won an international typeface competition organised by Meccanorma (they produced rub-down lettering like Letraset – those were the days!) It was very exciting and I was taken to a fancy restaurant for lunch. Anyway...

If you see my April Blog 'I recognise that face' in the style section, you'll see that my typeface that I thought had died and gone to typeface heaven, (or hell), had surfaced as the masthead on the über cool Swedish fashion mag Bon.

Wednesday, 13th July 2011
My first day back at college!
On 1st August this year I'll be in New York to meet a hero
1st August will be my first day on Milton Glaser's Summer Program at the School of Visual Arts In New York. To say I'm looking forward to it would be slightly understating how I feel. To 'commemorate' the experience I've designed a typeface and T Shirt that I shall wear on my first day, (though it's hardly a day I'm likely to forget).

Wednesday, 06th July 2011
Go Indigo Go!
Indigo never walks when she can run
I'm always amazed that someone who has only been on this planet for 17 months, already seems to be intelligent beyond my comprehension. It's difficult for me to imagine (as a creative person), how I could possibly create anything so beautiful again in my life. Every time I pick up a pen I can't help doodling an Indigo logo! Here is one I did while I waited for breakfast at my good friends, Nigel & Gilly Cutts' house, a couple of days ago.