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15 August 2018
Friday, 19th October 2012
A story that will run and run...
The Drum's Truce Commission
Interbrand is among the world’s largest brand consultancies, having grown to include 42 offices in 28 countries. Sadly when it came to designing a poster for Cooke With An E as part of The Drum’s Truce Commission (12 rival design firms creating posters for each other) – they proved to be too stretched, claiming lack of resources and pulled out at the last minute. 

I was excited to see what Interbrand were going to say about Cooke With An E (effectively a one man brand!) but it was not to be. However a new agency Baxter & Bailey stepped in and with a morning to create a poster, got their pencils, crayons, sticky glue and scissors out, rolled their sleeves up and got to work. 

Their thinking: Cooke with an E is a small business with a wealth of knowledge and experience in how to get the best out of people and help teams and businesses to thrive. We wanted to highlight the natural connection between being small and experienced and the ability to take on huge challenges and inspire others to be their best. 

I liked Baxter & Bailey’s idea and I’m currently working on developing it (click on thumbnail above for a sneak preview). 

Ironically when Interbrand pulled out of the Truce Commission, it set off a chain of events that could run and run... because now Baxter & Bailey needed an agency to design a poster for them! The Drum website announced this dilemna and a young agency – Puur Creative stepped in. 

From the idea of an initial 12 posters it will be interesting to see how many posters are produced over the next 12 months.