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15 August 2018
Monday, 21st May 2012
Adding value
In these austere times, how can you make something worth very little of value?
I was pondering this question as I washed the dishes after a long lunch. My salad dressing jar – an old jam jar, was looking very sorry for itself. I’d had it a while, but what really bugged me was the bits of glue that I couldn't remove, that had been used to attach the original label and even the remnants of an old barcode on its base. Surely my superb vinaigrette deserved something better. But it did its job so well! Once I’d screwed on the lid I could do a great imitation of Tom Cruise in Cocktail and not a drop spilled. That’s when I had an idea. Take objects that were intrinsically of little or no value and make them special – and so my Jam Jar Salad Dressing Jar was born!