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15 August 2018
Friday, 01st June 2012
I HATE NY Campaign
A new campaign that's meant to breathe new life into Milton Glaser's iconic logo
I’ve always been a big fan of Milton Glaser’s I HEART NY logo. When I read in The Times today, that there was a campaign insitigated by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to replace the logo I was aghast! 

Apparently, the idea is supposedly to give more meaning to the logo that everyone in the world and their mother has adopted, by replacing NY with everything from Moscow to Manchester. 

After viewing the campaign, I sort of get what they are trying to do , the sadness is that it’s so badly done. It devalues the logo insteads of enhancing it. The idea that ‘ordinary people’ scribble what they love about NY to replace the heart is contrived and not convincing. They would have been better off to have commissioned Milton Glaser to design NY symbols to replace the heart. It would have resulted in a more meaningful campaign visually and possibly created icons that no-one else could plaguarise.