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15 August 2018
Thursday, 22nd November 2012
Logo designed by a 2 year old.
One Saturday morning at a local cafe before her ballet class, my daughter Indigo, who is of course the brightest most beautiful 2 year old in the world, designed her first logo.

While I imbibed my caffeine hit for the weekend – a large Americano with an extra shot, Indigo scribbled away in her carefree abstract way (she has yet to get distracted by having to draw things that are meant to look like something).

"For YOU Daddy" she said handing me a slip of paper (which happened to be our receipt).

She'd found in the bottom of her pencil case an old blue felt pen (minus top) and scratched out what looked like letters (although she can't actually write – or maybe she can). Picking it up I was amazed to see she'd spelt 'YOU'.

Love it!