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15 August 2018
Friday, 30th December 2011
New Year – New Life!
It's your life and it's short
Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions. Many of us fail to achieve what we set out to do. If you have one and you’ve not even written it down then forget it. Your best intentions will be forgotten before the first day of January is over. So how do we stick with those good intentions and turn a dream, wish, even a fantasy into reality? 

Well to start with it’s important to know what we really want and even more importantly, why we want it. If our reason for wanting something isn’t compelling enough then as soon as an obstacle even a minor one presents itself then we’ll fall over. 

Like many others, I’ve viewed online the Holstee Manifesto (50,000,000 others according to their website). Many of the 50 million will think it’s tosh. I like it. I’ve always liked this sort of stuff and everything in the manifesto strikes a chord with me. The Huffington Post described it as the new ‘Just Do It’. 

Back to New Year’s Resolutions - writing something down, makes it more real. Telling everyone about it makes you accountable. The Holstee Manifesto was originally the company’s mission statement which turned into their best-selling product! It’s one helluva mission statement! So whatever you want to do or not do in your life (starting in 2012) then write it down with lots of detail to bring it to life. When you read it back it should make you feel excited. If it doesn’t then it’s not gonna work. Once you’re chomping at the bit for midnight to strike on New Year’s Eve, so you can start your new life, then you’ll also need to work out the ‘why’. 

Why do you want certain things? How will they make you feel? Once you know the what and the why, you’ll need a plan. The bigger the want, the more detailed the plan. It’s a cliché but ‘a thousand mile journey starts with a single step’ is true. Build smaller goals as stepping stones and always look for ways to enjoy the ‘getting there’. Mix with people who’ll support you and won't mock your ideas. 

I don’t watch much TV. I love what I do with people I love. Some will say I’m lucky but some opportunities only come once, seize them. I did these and many other things before I read the Holstee Mission and in July 2011, I did the scariest thing, after years of procrastinating and making excuses – I  quit my job to start a new business. My new life started on August 1st. 

Good luck for 2012 and remember it’s your life and it’s short.