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15 August 2018
Sunday, 08th April 2012
Happy Easter!
Missing Mass on Easter Sunday would condemn me to burn in Hell for all eternity – a mortal sin worse than any other – or so I was led to believe by my Primary School teachers as a child. The whole story of Easter used to give me nightmares – the pain and suffering of the crucifixion, the evil looking Judas as depicted in Leonardo’s Last Supper – the empty tomb – the Ascension of Christ into Heaven. 

As a seven year old I learned all these things and as most seven year olds do, I took them very seriously and so began my fear of religion and my accelerated departure from everything to do with Catholicism by the time I reached twelve. 

Easter seems to lurks in my subconscious as soon as Christmas is over and the January sales have ended. Chocolate eggs appear on supermarket shelves and everyone always asks “When is Easter this year?” No-one seems to know. Most people’s main concern is “Hope the weather’s going to be nice”. Daffodils decorate every grass verge and supermarket checkout till – only £1 a bunch – buy 2 get one free! 

As a child my misgivings about the underlying scariness of Easter was somewhat softened by a couple of large chocolate Easter Eggs, that I rarely made last the day. Now all I think about at Easter is chocolate and bunnies! 

This Easter weekend has not gone especially well. It coincides with my wife's birthday. Easter and the birthday got muddled in my mind. My wife LOVES birthdays and when she received an egg as her present it didn't go down well! My excuse of the fact that I'm always buying her lovely presents didn't go down well.  

A few years ago I was emailed an Easter joke that made me laugh out loud. I remembered it as I sat in the dog house earlier thinking I should have made more of an effort for my wife's birthday – it lifted my spirits. It was so simple yet brilliant. It was rather crudely done and with my design hat on I set about replicating it. This year I’ve stuck it on facebook and here on my blog. Please feel free to pass it on.

By the way when is Easter next year?