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15 August 2018
Wednesday, 11th January 2012
Paint-splattered or mud-splattered?
Art on the move
At last after 4 years living in the countryside and as my daughter approaches her second birthday, I've traded in my mid-life crisis, sporty, two seater fast thing for something more sensible.

I'd always fancied a real life Tonka Toy and the Land Rover Defender certainly fits the bill, so next week I pick one up from a local Land Rover dealers. However, there's one thing I really hate about it and other 4x4's that have the spare wheel on the back door and not inside the vehicle – and it's this – why do dealers feel it's perfectly fine for you to drive around in what becomes a travelling billboard for their business – with huge logos, website addresses and even phone numbers on your wheel cover!

So I negotiated with a few other bits and bobs, a plain one, to replace James Specialist 4x4 Centre etc., etc.

I then thought it would be a great idea to design something clever and eye-catching for the wheel cover, when I decided to do a quick online search. There I found that the wealthiest living artist in the world had beat me to it! And for only £925 I could be the proud owner of art on the move, in the form of a specially commissioned Damien Hurst Spin Painting!

I think not and I'm busily looking for something more appropriate to the Cotswold Scene – perhaps a Gary Cooke Mud SpinPainting. You think I'm joking? Watch this space...